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GreenPlus Smart Farms

GreenPlus smart farms are the future of farming technology, offering growers sustainable, productive and profitable systems for crop and aquaculture production.

We help farming practices adapt to today’s challenges of climate, sustainability, land management and transport, supporting food security through the world’s smartest greenhouse technology.

+ Stability

Our smart glasshouses are designed for optimal growth conditions and optimal yield. Highly efficient in energy and water consumption, they offer a stable, pest-free environment to ensure food security.

+ Technology

GreenPlus has developed proprietary turn-key solutions incorporating clever vertical systems and closed-loop technology that waters, feeds and operates the glasshouse to support the growing life cycle.

+ Experience

With 26 years of smart farming experience, we manufacture our high tech aluminium and glass greenhouses in-house and offer supporting services, from engineering, design, maintenance to training.

Helping sustainable agriculture growth


Founded in Korea in 1997, GreenPlus is one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of smart farming technology. We have mastered creating the optimal production environment through R&D and years of experience. We are committed to staying at the forefront of smart farm technology and providing our customers with the most advanced solutions available.

Benefits of GreenPlus Smart Farms

Food security

High quality, high yield produce with zero pests. Grow high yield seasonal produce all year round.

Cost effective

The most cost effective and efficient integrated greenhouse system setup on the Australian market.

Climate safe

Temperature controlled, flood and fire protected.


Less waste, less water, no chemicals – powered by renewables.


Can be placed close to transport or distribution centres, reducing costs and emissions.

Small footprint

Vertical farming and a variety of size options mean profitable farming is possible anywhere.

Intelligence to agriculture through high tech design and manufacture

At GreenPlus, our years of R&D, hands-on manufacturing, and farm management prove we can share with fellow Australians ways to farm smarter. Our technology ensures sustainable and high-yield quality produce, while minimising travel with less water, carbon, chemicals and pests.


Greenhouse structures: Wide range of glasshouse structures that are designed to meet the needs of different climates, conditions and locations.


Automated systems: Intelligent integrated systems to help you manage and control your greenhouse, such as irrigation and ventilation.


Growing systems: We offer different growing systems to meet the needs of a variety of produce and growing needs, including vertical systems that maximise space.


LED lighting systems: Providing and controlling the best light environment for your plants or aquaculture.


Climate control systems: We provide systems to manage temperature and humidity.


Nutrient management systems: Fully automated nutrient management systems keep your plants healthy and growing.


Data management systems: Enabling you to manage and analyse your data.


Monitoring systems: Designed to give you the best insights into your greenhouse and production.




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