GreenPlus technology


Smart farms are the future of farming technology, offering sustainable, productive, and profitable systems for growing.


Advanced smart farming systems

At GreenPlus, our years of R&D, hands-on manufacturing, and farm management prove we can share with fellow Australians ways to farm smarter. Our technology ensures sustainable and high-yield quality produce, while minimising travel with less water, carbon, chemicals and pests.

Greenhouse construction

Discover GreenPlus’ extensive range of steel and aluminium structures designed to withstand the Australian climate and extreme weather conditions. Ideal for glass or poly greenhouse construction.

Accurate irrigation systems

In modern horticulture, an accurate irrigation system is crucial. We offer customised water composition and quantity for each crop, enabling optimal growth and development.

Advanced screening systems

Achieve optimal growing greenhouse conditions with our advanced screening systems. Experience a new level of control over humidity, temperature, and UV radiation.

LED lighting systems

Improve your crop yields, quality and consistency with our state-of-the-art artificial LED lighting system designed to work with natural light sources to enhance your crop’s performance.

Heating and cooling systems

At GreenPlus, we provide sustainable and optimised heating and cooling systems to ensure an ideal climate throughout your greenhouse, year-round.

Integrated climate control

Effortlessly manage and integrate your greenhouse through our sophisticated environmental control system. Experience the assurance of maximum production, high yields, and quality crops.

Vertical farm system


Our multi-level automated cultivation system is specifically designed for greenhouse environments. The system handles all stages of production, from seedling and germination to growing, harvesting, and final packaging. System benefits are:

  • Vertical aluminium growing structure
  • Maximised growing space
  • Enhanced efficiency and yield
  • Eco-friendly cultivation
  • Reduced pesticides, water usage, waste
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Year-round production

Up Down Gutter System


The GreenPlus Up Down Gutter System (UDG) revolutionises the way we farm by optimising the space and productivity of crop cultivation. System benefits are:

  • Increases available growing areas by vertically adjusting  gutters
  • Improved work conditions and accessibility
  • Eco-friendly reduces water and energy usage
  • Requires less pesticides
  • Enhanced crop health and resilience

High tech glasshouses


GreenPlus glasshouses are designed and built with cutting edge technology for optimal growing. Constructed of sturdy lightweight extremely durable aluminium frames yield is optimised through:

  • Climate and light control
  • Ventilation, temperature and CO2 control
  • Automated systems and smart monitoring
  • Optimised space
  • Resources that conserve energy and water
  • Minimises pesticide use